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I sometimes find inspiration in the strangest places. In fashion, a designer must often go outside their own mind to find something that strikes them. Something that plucks the right heart strings. Because if you just create strictly from your own head, you run the risk of becoming totally self-involved; no longer in touch with the real world. Even as a stylist- someone who designs "looks"- I must do the same. We both know that fashion is cyclical and if you're not careful, you can become complacent.

I recently came across an ad for Sharpie in my Teen Vogue (still not sure why that was in my mailbox) that I found to be extremely inspirational, and according to this New York Times article, that was the intended message.


Artist Cheeming Boey took unassuming, blank coffee cups and turned them into little objects of art. Some have very elborate images while others are cute and quaint. His skill level clearly runs the gamut but what struck me most was the tagline Sharpie uses now to market themselves. Followed by the question "What are you gonna start?", the ad encourages you to "uncap what's inside". I like that idea, tapping into yourself because you never really know what you're capable of.

click the picture to see how much one of these little vessels will cost ya.

Coming at this from a sartorial perspective, I decided to urge you all to give prints a chance. I really like the black and white contrast in Boey's work and luckily, printed bottoms seem to be the easiest and most flattering way to incorporate my inspiration into your own wardrobe.

Take on two trends- wide leg and print. Winter Kate, Nordstrom, $285

The affordable option, and still in a flattering silhouette. Forever 21, $22.80

And if I haven't convinced you to "uncap what's inside", then at the very least try some color! DvF, Bloomingdales, $298

Have some fun with your clothes and break out of your fashion doldrums. You never know when something will tickle your fancy so why not surprise yourself and enjoy it.

Image(s) courtesy of google image search, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Forever 21

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