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Among the many truths I live by as a stylist, one is that a T-shirt and jeans will look 10X better if you jazz it up with a little jewelry. Nothing like a little sparkle and shine to help elevate your look as well as your mood. And when those happy baubles come from a San Francisco-based designer, it's like the cherry on top. One line I love has focused their glitz into pieces that are industrial and worn like armor. Nothing is typical and their brilliance lies in pieces like harness necklaces, gauntlet/sleeve bracelets, and garter chains. I always say you can be anyone you want to when you get dressed in the morning so why not be a fashion warrior, literally?!

Litter SF is a San Francisco-based company where the designer sisters create a particular kind of jewelry. They grabbed my attention when I saw their work in a past issue of 7X7 magazine. For me, the earth moving moment came when I saw the pièce de résistance, the harness necklace. I'd never seen anything like it and being a jewelry jockey (aka, magpie) it blew my mind. I had never even thought of having chains and metal hang around my neck and torso!
...I was hooked.

Love at first sight. Multi Chain Harness, $150

I feel like the harness necklace is the gateway drug. Once you see it, use it, you'll want more. And Litter does not disappoint. There are so many more pieces you'll be craving in those "what do I wear" moments.

Chica Gold Shoulder Piece, $160

There's a piece of jewelry for every limb and every section of your body, even your shoes!

Possibly my second favorite. Loop Chain Garter, $120.

Is your inner Amazon woman coming out yet? You can't tell me you don't want to me a cool, urban ninja rocking these down the street. (It could just me I suppose...)

Once you're torso, leg and shoulder are attired, you can finish out your outfit with a sleeve...

Light Silver Forearm Sleeve, $98

...And a ring for the fingers. 

Stone Thumb Holster, $225

Of course claws and ear cuffs are available if you're feeling especially fierce.

Feather Ear Cuff, $85
Sterling Silver Cougar Claws, $48

Happy hunting ladies!

Image(s) courtesy of LitterSF

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