The Real Meaning of "Fashion Over Function"- NOTE TO READER: Do not try this at home!

My husband received his bonus this week, and we went out to a very nice dinner to celebrate.  I wore a slinky dark gray knit sweater dress with a statement necklace and silver cage booties.  Trust me, the outfit looked great.  But by the time we got up from our table (after the most amazing 4 course meal plus wine pairings) my feet were throbbing.  By the time I got home, this was the condition of my feet (see picture above).

Thank God the evening involved minimal standing up!  As a general rule, my personal style has to be fashionable and comfortable.  But there is the rare occasion where fashion over function takes over- In the name of good fashion, all sensibility goes out the window and I channel my inner Vogue model and wear items regardless of whether or not it is comfortable.  Attempt this same fate at your own risk.

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Amanda Castro said...

OMG you shoes baked your feet to look like waffles!!

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