Practical Wardrobe Solutions: The Better Way to Tuck Your Jeans Into Boots

Boots are a staple to any cold weather wardrobe.  But if you aren't wearing them with dress/skirt or tucking your pants into them, boots are nothing more than a boring foot warmer hidden under a pair of jeans.  The most fashion forward way to wear your boots is to tuck your jeans into them.  Unless they are denim leggings, this can be tricky. 

How about this for a solution?  A $10 product that quickly and easily solves the problem: The Jean Strap.

Even when wearing skinny jeans, I find that my pants start to bunch around the knees after sitting down for a while.  A pair of these straps will help keep your denim where it belongs.

Image(s) courtesy of Jeanstraps.com

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