Are you an "Office Girl"?- A Driving Force Behind China's Economic Growth

Jezebel.com and the Financial Times are reporting that  the Chinese economy is being fueled by its "office girls"- a group of female consumers under the age of 32 with an effective savings rate of zero percent.  Essentially, they are spending everything that they are earning extravagant luxury items, cosmetics and dining out.

Are you one of these "office girls" working just to afford your shopping habit?

I was once a "nothing at the end of the month club" gal... one of those people who spend everything they earn.  While finishing up my 8th year of 10 years in college (YES, really), I worked at a popular San Francisco boutique for extra spending cash.  I won't name the place, let's just say they "really like you" :)

Anyway, I can safely say that I spent more money in their boutique than I ever made there.  It's not just that the pay wasn't very good, they just had way too many great items of clothing coming into the store on a daily basis to not leave home without.  Fashion addict?  Maybe.  Irresponsible at the time, definitely!  Even now, I'm the first to say my job is "like being an alcoholic and working as a bartender".

Is your wallet single-handedly supporting the economic state of at least one store?

Image(s) courtesy of http://jezebel.com/5450907/office-girls-boosting-economy-with-extravagant-shopping

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