Somewhere Between Casual and Business (the top half)

The California laid back lifestyle has influenced the fashion of our day-to-day, unlike cities such as New York where you will never see flip flops and a sport coat paired together. Combine this attitude with the plethora of tech companies based in the Bay Area, and you are guaranteed to see these two looks exiting the CalTrain station: (a) For many men in Silicon Valley, business casual means a pair of khakis, short sleeved button down shirt and dress shoes, with their belts sporting the latest in cell phone technology. And (b) the translation of that into their weekend clothes means a logo t-shirt (usually showing their place of employment), baggy jeans, sport coat and dress shoes. Neither looks have any personality or style. This is not an insult towards men or their profession. It is merely an observation from a fashion point of view.

What is the underlying cause of this hodge-podge dressing? For many men, the hardest things to shop for are those looks that border the line of casual weekend and business attire. My experience is that many men are grateful not to have to wear a tie every day, if ever. But that doesn't mean you can't look sharp and well styled. The first thing to address-- what goes on top?

Thermal Front Shirt in White $165

This shirt is great because it is reminiscent of a tuxedo shirt, with the casual touch of a thermal knit inlay on the chest.

2-Pocket Long Sleeve Weekender Shirt in Navy Linen $79

The military styling of this button up, along with the great price, makes this a great buy.

Ziggy Long Sleeve Half Button with Chest Pockets in Black $179

Not all sweaters have to look they they came of the set of "Leave it to Beaver." This is a great pull-over that can be worn over a nice shirt, and is a great alternative to a light jacket.

7 For All Mankind
Blazer in Black $294

By no means should my statement above make you think that sport coats are out of style. They are a staple to every man's wardrobe. It is a matter of the styling of the jacket, the fabric, and cut.

Steeler Luxe Shirt in Pomegranate $245

This shade of purple is going to be H-O-T for fall, and will be seen on shelves everywhere.

Pictures courtesy of Revolve Clothing. All Items shown above found on www.revolveclothing.com.

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