The "Fit" Flop- I Think Not

New York Magazine had an article today about the Fit Flop, and the crazy numbers of them being seen on the subway. I myself have succumb to the advertising claim that merely a shoes could help get my flabby backside into shape, by doing nothing more than walk. Here is my take on the shoes after about a year on/off of wear:

I have small feel to begin with. I love my small feet. I love men that love my small feet. But nothing about these flip-flops make my feet look dainty in the slightest. The thick sole is supposed to stabilize you, and force your leg muscles to work harder while you walk. The fact that I look like Frankenstein outweighs the minor improvements it may have done to my thighs, if there even were any. If I wanted the look of sandals to show off a nice pedicure, there are much nicer shoes to choose from.

Granted they are a staple to the California lifestyle, but I could not agree more with what the article had to say: "And minus the thigh muscles we may or may not get, we're not the biggest flip-flop fans. On the beach they're great, but on a dirty train or city sidewalk, we opt for something a bit more … stylish." (http://nymag.com/daily/fashion/2008/07/one_million_pairs_of_fitflops.html?mid=fashion-alert--20080722)

To read the article, click here.

Photo courtesy of The FitFlop.com

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