Is the Media Dumbing Down Fashion Designers?- Bravo's desperate attempt to replace Project Runway with Launch My Line

I stumbled across a blog post from 944 Magazine, that hit the nail on the head on how I was feeling about shows like Launch My Line.  Similar to Rebecca Stevens, the author of the blog post "Bravo's desperation is so last season", I watched an episode of Bravo's Launch My Line really wanting to like it.  I tried.  But I could not get over the fact that they were making a mockery out of the effort it takes to be a real fashion designer, let alone a good one.

The show pairs a wannabe designer (like DJ's, with no experience at all) with an experienced designer to design a collection.  As you can probably guess, the experienced designers end up doing a ton of the work, and the wannabe's get all the credit.

In a time when any celebrity or trust fund baby can and does have a fashion label, do shows like this downplay the hard work of experienced fashion designers across the globe, or inspire aspiring designers in general?  What do you think?

Photo Credit: The cast of Launch My Line; tvguide.com


Laura said...

I very much dislike Launch My Line - it's absolutely a representation of our society today where anyone with enough money can be a "fashion designer." Blech!

Jennifer Axcell said...

Laura, I couldn't agree more with you. The thought that "anyone with enough money can be a fashion designer" with no background or education, makes my stomach and my wallet hurt.

Thanks for the post! Glad I'm not the only one out there that feels this way.


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