William Rast aka Justin Timberlake

William Rast is the brainchild denim brand from Justin Timberlake and his friend Trace Ayla.

"Justin Timberlake and Trace Ayala are the creators of the William Rast clothing line. The name "William Rast" is a combination of Justin's and Trace's grandfather's names - a "William" from one and a "Rast" from the other. For two best friends that are as close as any two brothers, it was a perfectly logical way to name the business. Family, friendship, history, tradition. These are the qualities that combine to make the William Rast line so special.

William Rast clothing is crafted with exquisite attention to detail and exceptional fabrics specially milled in the U.S., Japan and Italy. All pants and tees are treated at the best dye houses and laundries in Los Angeles. This ensures the highest level of quality control for the innovative treatments, washes and finishes William Rast is famous for. The result is like nothing you've ever worn, a collection of denim and knits that feel as comfortable as your own skin. Wrap it all up in impeccable designs by Justin Timberlake and Trace Ayala, and you're guaranteed to look and feel your best in William Rast." (http://www.djpremium.com/shop/G1-V84272-R54352/william-rast.html)

Not only is their website fun to browse, but so is their clothing line.  Check out these pieces from Nordstrom (currently for sale at Westfield Centre SF).

I have tried these on myself.  This William Rast military peacoat and belt are to die for.

And, for all you animal lovers, if you are looking for something to wear under this amazing jacket, why not this very cute tee
also by William Rast.

Photos courtesy of William Rast and Nordstrom.com

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